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2014 Grant Awards

Blood & Bone Marrow Transplantation – Catherine Bollard, M.D. – $35,000

Many patients needing stem cell/bone marrow transplants do not have a match so are unable to receive a transplant. Trial is investigating the outcomes of haploidentical (half-matched) transplants using parents as the donor source. The goal of the trial is to test the use of a new automated bioreactor to make therapeutic cells which could make half-matched transplants safer for seriously ill children. This is brand new technology for cell therapy. Our grant funds would be used towards the cost of equipment for the trial.

Sheikh Zayed Institute – Sally Evans, M.D., Kevin Cleary, Ph.D.  – $17,500

Funds to develop a novel MRI compatible ankle positioning device for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients in a collaboration between the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the SZI Bioengineering Team.

Cardiology – Justin Georgekutty, M.D., Craig Sable, M.D. – $25,285

Funds to purchase the TomTec 4D, an innovative hardware and software package, which would improve the ability to care for congenital heart disease patients. The TomTec 4D would be integrated into the existing electro-cardiogram system and improve the way physicians evaluate the size and function of the right ventricle for pediatric and adult patients.

Infectious Disease – Brittany Goldberg, M.D. – $1,865

Purchase supplies to support a pilot study to investigate the pathophysiology of Short Bowel Syndrome, a dangerous and life-threatening condition, often seen in premature babies and children with congenital defects.

Cancer & Blood Disorders – Lauren Greco, Carolyn Schneiders – $3,500

Funds to implement an “All About Me” program for 4E, the inpatient floor for patients being treated for cancer and blood disorders. Posters will be designed for specific age groups and will use visual prompts to capture the patient’s values, interests, activities and needs—providing members of the patient care team with information unique to the individual patient.

Cancer & Blood Disorders – Lauren Greco, Nancy Norman – $4,800

Funding for supplies to implement a school re-entry program for children undergoing treatment for cancer. The program aims to help school personnel and fellow classmates understand the impact of cancer treatment as well as dispel myths and fears they may have in order to facilitate a positive return to the classroom for the patient.

Anesthesiology – Evonne Greenidge M.D., Renee Roberts M.D. – $24,853

Purchase a C-Mac Video Laryngoscope to improve patient care by enabling intubation of children with challenging and difficult airways, as well as provide an excellent airway-teaching forum.

Cardiovascular Surgery – Cary McMahon R.N. – $540

Funds to provide 5 infant swings and made-to-fit vinyl covers for infants recovering from cardiac surgery. These babies suffer surgical pain and must be weaned from medications after their stay in CICU and often require comfort measures to soothe them, especially when a parent or volunteer is not present.

Cardiovascular Surgery – Cary McMahon R.N. – $1,308

Funds to purchase fabric and supplies to create Super-Hero Capes for each post-operative heart surgery patient between the ages of 2-12 who have transitioned to the Heart and Kidney Unit from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit following cardiothoracic surgery.

Anesthesia – Marion McEvilly R.N. – $330

Fund 5 Buzzy® kits including a simple yet innovative tool called the Buzzy® that reduces pain during pre-surgical procedures. The small, mechanized objects emit vibrations and cold sensations that block pain and result in a more comfortable and less stressful perioperative experience for children throughout the hospital.

Hematology  – Emily Riehm Meier M.D. – $24,836

Funds for pharmacy and lab cost for this novel study. Study entails a controlled trial for infants with sickle cell disease to determine if those children who are at greatest risk for complication could be tested and identified earlier in life and then receive treatment sooner which would lead to less severity, less complications and a better quality of life.

Cardiac Surgery – Dilip Nath M.D. Lillian Su, M.D., Laura Olivieri M.D., Axel Krieger, Ph.D.  – $21,564

Purchase 3-D printer cartridges to create eighteen (18) 3-D heart models, to be employed during the hand-off of cardiac surgery patients from the surgical team to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. A study will be conducted to demonstrate that when the critical care teams have access to 3-D models, medical results improve, which would lead to further NIH funding.

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine – Matthew Oetgen M.D – $18,946

Funding to investigate a groundbreaking technique that would detect early rod fatigue in children with early onset Scoliosis, allowing the clinician to identify those patients and replace the rods before they break. 3

Cardiology  – Laura Olivieri M.D. – $12,510

Funds to purchase plastic materials for the 3-D printer to study twenty (20) 3-D heart models of patients with heart defects. Creating this 3-D printed model of the heart will allow physicians to see critical 3-D spatial information and manipulate it in real time, providing valuable information for clinical decision-making and procedural planning.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit – Amy Patterson MSN, RN, CCRN – $23,168

Funds to purchase two Sprinter Carts for intra-hospital transport for diagnostic and procedural areas for the cardiac intensive care patient. These carts will contain all necessary equipment to improve patient safety while away from the unit and maintain the same level of care and monitoring necessary.

Center for Genetic Medicine – Mary Callaghan Rose, Ph.D. –  $30,000

Funds for supplies to develop a MUC5A:catTRFE construct for use in a new, powerful, and robust proteomics approach. Study could lead to anti-mucus therapies with minimal side effects for asthma patients treated with steroids.

Sheikh Zayed Institute – Raj Shekhar Ph.D., Tim Kaine M.D. – $21,028

Purchase a stereoscopic laparoscope with a large field of view, developed by the Children’s National Bioengineering Department, to continue and expand the successful use of a state-of-the-art stereoscopic vision system to guide laparoscopic surgery in larger children and teens.

Cardiovascular Surgery –  Pranava Sinha M.D. –  $18,750

Fund a study to validate a novel use of a specially designed ventricular assist device in pediatric patients born with a single heart ventricle. The ability to implant a heart pump in these patients will improve the symptoms of heart disease and which will allow these children to live longer, providing more time on the heart transplant list and better health when they undergo the transplant itself.

Radiology – Raymond Sze M.D. – $15,000

Funds to provide theatre training to staff with a focus of training a new generation of medical staff with the mindset and skills to provide healing experiences for children and their families. Despite the sophistication of healthcare technology, empathy and understanding provided by a healthcare worker to their patients are two of nature’s greatest healing gifts.

Hematology-Oncology – Lisa Thaniel DWS LICSW,Deepika Darbari, M.D.  –  $5,500

Funds to purchase educational materials for the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Infant Clinic. The materials will be used to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding of their infant’s disease and thereby lead to improved health outcomes for children living with sickle cell disease.

Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine – Laura L. Tosi M.D. – $1,545

Funds to produce a brochure for parents and guardians of cognitively impaired, medically complex patients summarizing the guardianship options, laws by state, and identifying legal organizations willing to provide advice and assistance.

Volunteer Patient Experience – Fernanda Vessio – $17,500

PGDBA-Hospitality, MBA Fund Dr. Bear’s Closet in times of special needs. The goal is to provide comfort items to families such as hotel accommodations, transportation and funeral arrangements.

Center for Genetic Medicine – Xiaofang Wu M.D. – $26,435

Funds to produce isogenic cells from human lung tissue, using a new procedure that has proven results but has never been done using human lung tissue. The Isogenic cells will have the exact properties of human cells, but they live longer, which allows them to proliferate and to be manipulated and controlled for use in a wide variety of research projects by many scientists.

Sheikh Zayed Institute – Ziv Yaniv, Ph.D. – $3,068

Purchase equipment to create a software program that will allow residents to practice x-ray fluoroscopy on a simulator before conducting the procedure on patients. While most simulators are large and costly, Mr. Yaniv has designed a low-cost, easily replicable model that, if validated, could be used throughout teaching hospitals. 2014 Board of Visitors Grants Awards Recommendations

Total Awards – $354,831

Two researchers looking at test results

Grants awarded by the Founders Auxiliary Board have inspired change and transformative advances in diverse areas of service throughout the hospital. Past awards have supported research, child wellness initiatives such as concussion prevention, immunizations, cutting-edge equipment and technology, pediatric surgical robots, professional development, and educational support.