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Our Members

Founders Auxiliary Board Executive Committee of 2021-2022

President: Diane Schaefer
President Elect: Fernanda Vessio Coelho
Vice President- Fundraising: Julie Raffensperger
Vice President- Membership: Amy Wilczynski
Treasurer: Kathie Williams
Secretary: Helen Marvel Strong
Past Presidents: Denise Warner (BOV), Debbie Dunn (CHB) and Michele Ridge (CHB)

Committee Chairs

Grants: Samantha Burman and Susan Hayes Long
Website: Frances Fitzgerald and Fernanda Vessio Coelho


Margarita M. Arroyave-Wessel
Susan Ashburn
Diane Boyd Balch
Kathy Barker
Brooke Barquin
Katie Battle
Debbie Boizelle
Marianne Brant
Marian Brodsky
Shannon Burkhart
Samantha Burman
Jill Bushkoff
Marilyn Campbell
Vicki Campbell
Katherine Coleman
Tricia Daniels
Meredith DeLano
Bonnie DeWitt
Archer Dudley
Debra “Debbie” Dunn
Shannon Dunn
Maggie Eisemann
Maura A. Farrell
Gail Feagles
Frances Fitzgerald
Carolyn Dudley George
Chandrani Ghosh

Blair Wittmer Giannini
Kristin M. Gilkes
Ann Goettman
Ellen Goodman
Jennifer Diamond Haber
Allyson Walsh Hauck
Erica Hovani-Bue
Carol Jankowsky
Kim Kalhor
Kathy Kies
Beth Larson
Elizabeth Lewis
Susan Hayes Long
Lenora “Muffin” Lynham
Clemencia Hernández Luján
Marianne Mahaffey
Yael Marciano
Maya Melhem
Marie Meszaros
Rosalia Miller
Kate Mulcahy
Rebecca Nichols
Suzette O’Connor
Claudia Parker
Rita Patel
Christi Perez
Michele Petersen

Anne Polk
Julie Raffensperger
Michele Ridge
Kathryn Russell
Charlotte Safos
Diane Schaefer
Martha Searby
Kristina Seppala
Karen E. Shepherd
Bobbi Smith
Gail Steckler
Stephanie Martin Steffan
Ann Stern
Helen Marvel Strong
Kim Summerville
Lily Talakoub
Sue Temkin
Sara Tucker
Kim Trundle
Fernanda Vessio Coelho
Denise Warner
Cheryl Weiner
Debbie Whyte
Amy Wilczynski
Kathie Williams
Diana Wright
Heather Guay Yoo

Board members together after a race

Photo captured prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ve been on several philanthropic boards but nothing like this one. This is an amazing group of bright and energized women who can roll up their sleeves, get to work and accomplish anything we set out to do. I have so much respect and admiration for our dedicated Board who, simply put, make things happen.

– Sandy, Honorary Member